Safety of the Odysseus Bar

Safety of the Odysseus Bar.

In preparation for the MBS Turkey Challenge Patrick Burke of MBS CrossFit posted a video on the Turkey Challenge’s Facebook page introducing the Odysseus Bar.

In reply to Patrick’s post, Joylyn Godinez of CrossFit Verve commented:

“We specifically did not get one at Verve due to safety concerns for athletes. Straight from entire ownership and training group.”

We respect Joylyn’s and CrossFit Verve’s decision not to get an Odysseus Bar. They know what is best for their business and their athletes. We also thank them for testing our Engineering Prototype.

Since the time they tested our Engineering Prototype we have added locking pins to the bar and a safety label in accordance with ASTM Standard F1749-09 Standard Specification for Fitness Equipment and Fitness Facility Safety Signgage and Labels.

The Odysseus Bar is a safe piece of exercise/fitness equipment. Like any other fitness activity, doing exercises or movements on the Odysseus Bar requires proper instruction and proper use of the equipment.

Let us know your ideas on how we can improve the Odysseus Bar and continue to challenge athletes to improve and do their best.


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