About Us

Ethikon Fitness provides Strength & Conditioning products to gym owners, trainers and athletes active in functional fitness, strength & conditioning, and competitive or recreational sports.

For Gym Owners our products will increase the functionality of your gym while augmenting the existing equipment and space you already have. Our products will assist you in differentiating yourself from your competitors, without a significant investment in new equipment or additional real estate.

For Trainers our products will increase the variability of programming available, will help you to attract new clients, and will serve as a competitive edge in developing your skills as both an athlete and a coach.

For Athletes our products will increase the intensity of your WODs and help you to develop increased strength, stamina, power, and speed. Our products will also serve to increase the effectiveness of your skill-based workouts to help improve your coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

Our Name – Ethikon Fitness
Our name comes from the title of Aristotle’s work the Nichomachean Ethics. The English rendering of this title in Greek is Ethikon Nikomacheion. In this work he says Fortitude (or Courage) is the moral virtue which we must practice to face and overcome those things which instill fear in us. We believe that Fortitude rightly describes the gym owners, trainers and athletes who are active in the Sport of Fitness.



The inaugural product in our FORTITUDE line of Strength & Conditioning products is the ODYSSEUS BARTM.

The ODYSSEUS BARTM is the original spinning pull up bar designed and engineered for use by competitive and recreational fitness athletes in commercial, garage and home gyms.


Ethikon Fitness Challenges

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Righteous Functionality

“…and the pursuit of Happiness.” What is “Happiness” and how does one pursue it? We believe Happiness is a matter of living the right way not just feeling the right way.
Happiness is living well as a human being, flourishing in this pursuit, and seeking the highest good in all the activities we pursue.


Partners and Supporters

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